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About Us

For over 30 years our team has been manufacturing commercial and industrial grade door hardware globally and watched the “connected” or “smart” lock develop and grow into a major segment of the lock industry. We were constantly reminded, however, that it seemed no one was addressing one of the major concerns of consumers (and would-be consumers); and that was design approach and aesthetic.

Over the past few years the technologies have really come to even level across most locks, and they function well and in very similar ways, however there seemed to be two types emerging stylistically: ones that looked like old traditional locks with a keypad strapped on, and ones that looked like a technology company was learning how to build a door lock. Despite all of the attempts, in our opinion, visually these products were either polarizing or very bland and boring. We aimed to remedy that with Alfred.

All Alfred products are and will continue to be heavily design focused, so that people can get excited about more that just neat features. It should be a beautiful design feature of your door, while also not foregoing on all the smart tech you may want to enjoy.

Starting in January 2018, we took our notes and our partners and finalized all of the details, manufacturing and testing. January 2019 we officially launched the Alfred DB2 at CES and showcased some of our future product plans. The show was incredible success and the team has been blisteringly busy ever since.