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1000’s of our class-leading Alfred smart locks delivered to your facility in Canada and the US within days

Who we are

We design, engineer, manufacture and distribute advanced smart locks for use in single-family, multi-family homes, and commercial properties. Our decades of experience allowed us to anticipate and prepare to reduce the impact of the current supply chain challenges. 

For over 30 years our team has been manufacturing commercial and industrial-grade door hardware.

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Concerned about Occupancy?

Get Your Property & Project Back on Track with Alfred Smart Locks!

Single-Family Homes

Alfred locks are ready for all weather conditions and are DIY friendly for anyone to install.

Multi-Family Homes

Whether new construction or major renovation, Alfred has a solution to elevate your tenant and property experience.

Commercial Properties

All Alfred locks meet your building code requirements. With massive on-hand inventory to support your project today and tomorrow.

Rental, Air BNB and More

Protect your property and add peace of mind for you and your guests with remote access, security and control.

We Deliver Your Shipment Right to Your Doorstep within Days

Why Partner with Us

As an industry leader, we push the boundaries when it comes to innovation, reliability, security and technologically advanced smart locks.

Alfred is a vertically integrated smart lock company based in Toronto, Canada.

Innovative Industry Leader

Alfred has gained the trust of the B2C and B2B marketplaces across North America. That comes with excellent customer service and support to revolutionize each property with Alfred locks.

Security & Reliability

Security and reliability are two critical pillars of Alfred’s smart lock ecosystem. Imagine all that with ease of use and diversified and secure interconnectivity.

Advanced Technologies

Alfred is known for its innovation and technological advancements and partnerships in smart lock design, engineering, manufacturing and integrations.

Serving Clients and Partners in Canada and the US

Overview of Our World-Class Smart Locks

DB1 Series

Economical Smart Locks for All

DB2 Series

Advanced Design & Features to Elevate Your Homes Security

DB2S Series

The Pinnacle of Premium Security in Smart Deadbolts

ML2 Series

World’s First Retrofittable Smart Mortise Locks

The Next steps

Tell us about your project. We will be happy to discuss it further and provide you with the solution you need.

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